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In the world of business, strong leadership and effective teamwork forms the bedrock of success. Just as seedlings grow into mighty trees with nurturing care, leadership and teamwork skills flourish through deliberate cultivation.

At Seedling Leadership we blend a deep knowledge of learning design, systems thinking, evidence based practice and the pragmatics of experience. It isn’t just training, it’s a transformative journey.


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Areas of expertise

Leadership development is the core of our business. Other closely related competency areas stem from this core that support individuals and teams to succeed, and can be delivered as stand alone products

Leadership Development

We help your leaders, whether in formal authority roles, or as influencers and change agents, to develop their consciousness and their skills to be able to confidently lead others through uncertainty and meet the demands of a complex and ever changing environment.

& 360

Thousands of hours coaching experience enable strong, trusting coaching partnerships with your talent that deliver results quickly. We also administer best-in-class psychometric 360 tools, such as The Leadership Circle and LMAP to create a valid, reliable and insightful road map for your leaders’ development journeys.

Effectiveness & Communication

We create engaging programs that inspire your people to work collaboratively together, manage interpersonal communications effectively, present confidently and organise time and task efficiently.

Leadership Team Coaching

Leadership teams need to see that the success of the business relies almost exclusively on their capacity to work together effectively. We work with teams to develop a common purpose and identity, strengthen trust for open, efficient communication and strategy discourse, and create the disciplines and habits that will sustain the team long after we leave.


The leadership imperative

Your leadership culture sets the tone for your organization’s overall effectiveness. It’s the driving force behind wise decision-making in complex situations, unlocking the full potential of your talented team, and fostering an environment of continuous improvement. In essence, it’s the linchpin that ensures your business not only thrives in the short term but also endures and prospers in the long run.


Sowing seeds to grow leaders

You can plant seeds and hope they survive. Many seeds, however hard we try to look after them, can fail to germinate.

That’s why we choose to plant seedlings. An expert has selected the right seed for the right environment and nurtured it to a stage where its chances of survival are significantly higher once it has been placed into the prepared soil. Through experiential learning, we cultivate leaders who inspire impactful change. Fostering growth and teamwork, ensuring success takes root.


Our leaders

Experienced leaders bring knowledge and skills, while coaching nurtures team members’ growth. Together, they will propel your team to greater heights.

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