Direct & honest.


Always learning.

Honesty is our policy

We don’t like to beat around the bush or shy away from the tough conversation.
We will give you our thoughts through Direct and Honest Speech, even if the words might be hard to hear. We also make it easy for you to do the same. No feedback is too hard for us to hear, and we’ll work hard to ensure that you get exactly what’s right for your business.

Compassion based cultivation

There are always hidden stories, and multiple perspectives when tackling any kind of growth challenge. Being a leader can be tough and it can be lonely sometimes.

We recognise that wherever you or your people are – in terms of results, behaviour, culture – you arrived there through the best of intentions. We know how hard it can be to get the right balance between driving commercial outcomes and creating a place where people love to work. Compassion provides the emotional and cognitive space to create great change in people’s lives, whether in an advisory capacity, as a facilitator, or indeed, as a coach.

Never stop growing

When we are Always Learning, we are energised. We are growing.

For us, this means staying at the forefront of the research, keeping up to date with the latest insights from, not only the leadership and sales training industry, but from any sector that is innovating, adapting and creating value. Always learning means we never make assumptions about you or your business.We want to learn from you in order to work with you.



We will evaluate your organisational landscape and determine the health of the “soil” – the culture that helps or hinders your goals.



We’ll assess the leadership potential and help you choose the right design for intervention.



We’ll then cultivate the mindsets and the skills in your leaders until they can endure their application at work.



Finally, we’ll help you learn how to maintain and grow the skills after we’ve gone.


Seedling Leadership offers leadership development and leadership training services. Our approach uses a unique blend of psychology, business expertise, and performing arts skills. We create engaging, evidence-based learning using interactive, experiential, and theatrical methods, alongside traditional and digital strategies. Our coaching faculty have ICF accredited certifications, and extensive business acumen from coaching hundreds of individuals in Australia. We focus on rapidly boosting coachee confidence and skills for immediate workplace impact, emphasising alignment between individuals, leaders, and organisational goals for swift change.

The Leadership Imperative

The single most important factor that will determine the long-term success or failure of your strategy is the strength of your leadership culture; how you lead yourself, how you lead others, how they lead others, and how you all work together to lead your business. You can have the best products and services in the market, the most highly qualified people, great brand artefacts but if you haven’t got the leaders to make wise decisions in complex, volatile conditions, to motivate and maximise the talent of your people, or to create the conditions for continuous improvement, any success you have will be short-lived.

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Want to make better decisions to avoid unnecessary risk and create the kind of sustainable productivity and culture that you can be proud of?

Our learning design, coaching strategies, leadership & sales methodologies and our deep commitment to our clients can help you.

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